Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Medical ID Options/Links

So I have been chatting with my husband about what to tell the paramedics if they show up and I'm unable to talk.  But it's a lot of info!   And what if I'm alone with the baby?  This terrifies me, especially in light of all the recent new allergies I seem to be having (MCAD anyone???). 

I've been searching companies that produce ID bracelets and such, so here is a brief listing for those of you that may need one.  Even if you just have food allergies - these can save your life!

FREE/Templates/Cheap Options:

Free Medical Emergency Information Alert Card

A pretty way to wear your ID: 

If you really want to get fancy, a USB customized with your records and info:
MedID Card Personal Health Record System

Review: 911 Medical ID Card features USB connection, fits in your wallet

Hope that helps!


  1. This is great stuff. I was just thinking about this today. I love that there is such a variety of options. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!


  2. Generally medical id cards are provided free along with medical bracelets. There are many online stores who provide medical cards as complimentary. Check www.myidentitydoctor.com for free medical cards.