Thursday, September 30, 2010

Style Shoot at the Church Point Manor

Here are some pics from the insanely talented photographers that participated in Tuesday's "shoot out" at the Church Point Manor in Virginia Beach.  The shoot was organized by Andi Grant (, and designed and executed by Lindsey Hocker of  Simply Perfect Events ( We provided help with the set design, flowers, linens, favors, and whatever else was needed.  The sets included a southern porch scene, a Moroccan scene, a vintage library, and a Halloween set.  More pics and credits for people that helped coming soon!!!   I swiped all these pics off Facebook sneak peak postings, I can't wait to see the rest!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

We finally have a blog!

So, we have finally joined the blog community...and are super excited!  I'm determined to find the time to post about our amazing clients and the events that we are a part of, as well as topics of interest that pertain to what we do.  I love reading other industry blogs, so hopefully you'll enjoy reading ours!  More to come soon, Bella Flora is revamping a lot right now; new showroom & shop under construction, new website under construction, new facebook format, and now our new blog...whew!  Lots of new stuff.  Not to mention our top secret BIG BIG project that is in the final stages that I really wish I could talk about.  Soon enough.
Happy Sunday!